Special Artists

Greyson - Dax Johnson

Piano sheet music transcription. Dax passed away on November 23, 2005. He lived a turbulent life, subject to the swings of manic depression, and the cycles of addiction. Left behind for us, was his soul, captured in the notes composed by his passionate hands. We honor and remember him forever through his gift he was blessed and cursed with. Dax’s music is now available iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora.


Schwarzer Walzer - Frank Duval

Piano sheet music transcription. Frank Duval (born 22 November 1940, Berlin, as Frank Uwe Patz) is a German composer, conductor, record producer, songwriter and singer. Born into an artists' family, he studied as an actor and dancer, but also sang with his sister, Maria. By the 1960s, Duval was also composing music, both orchestral and pop, and his first soundtrack, for an episode of the German serial Tatort, was broadcast in 1977. From his 1979 first album, Die schönsten Melodien aus Derrick und Der Alte, the song "Todesengel" became a moderate hit.